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Chemstar Bangkok Nautical School is now offering American
Petroleum Institute approved training.

Below you will find course offered. For more assistance.
Please call us at 084-322-1900, 02-399-2860-5

Course Offered:
API RP 2D - Rigging, Slinging and Lifting.
Content Training:
This training consists of a combination of theoretical instruction, practical exercises in classroom and practical training with overhead cranes and other equipment covering the following subjects
• Materials and Equipment ( among others Fibre Ropes, Fibre Slings, Wire Ropes, Slings, Shackles, Chains, Hoists and Winches, Lifting Beams and Spreader Bars, Sheave Blocks)
• Select the safest and most efficient materials and equipment
• Latest developments
• Recognizing unsafe materials and equipment
• Cranes
• Hoisting of Personnel
• Rules and Regulations
• Basic load calculations
• Certification, Inspection and Marking
• Safe use of materials
- Rigging Slinging and Lifting
3 Days